50 shades of skrei

50 shades of skrei

Each year from January to April the Norwegian Arctic skrei (cod) wanders from the Barents Sea and into the Norwegian coast to spawn. The skrei wanders from Finnmark and Lofoten in the north - to More in the south.

But what is skrei? Skrei is the name of the wandering cod stocks that grows up in the Barents Sea, and going to the Norwegian coast when its ready for spawning. The word skrei has probably its origin from the old norse word "skrida"; meaning to wander. Slowfish was of course in action this years skrei fishery, and we are ready for the next season also. Last skrei season we settled down in the little fishing village, Henningsvaer in Lofoten.

Here we have a our shack line in a local fishery, which addresses the first step in the process to create the traditional quality klipfish (baccalà). The fishermens uses small fish boats with special nets and long lines and hooks, sustainable fishing techniques, when they catching the fish. The fish is delivered fresh to the manufacturer, where the process of utilizing whole fish being initiated. The fish are first gutted and liver and roe are sorted out. Furthermore, the fish are sorted in size and quality. Something is being packed fresh with ice and sent directly to shops and the restaurants. The rest will continue for salting and then drying to start the four-month-long handicraft production of dry salting, drying, quality grading and then further salting and drying.

Read more about Presidium Baccala from Møre og Romsdal.

The objective of the project is temporary to ensure a viable future for klippfish small-scale producers and small coastal fishermen, as well as the traditional techniques. One wants to ensure fair price for the fisherman and producers. Baccala from Møre og Romsdal is klippfish produced on the coast of Norway. The presidium project started in October 2008 when four klippfish producers from Møre og Romsdal started the collaboration. With support from Slow Food, Norsk Tradisjonsfisk and Innovation Norway the idea is to explore new areas and develop new strategies for a viable future for the Norwegian klippfish.

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Great article!
Respond 1 2.Dec 21:19

Liz Smith

Really interesting! I have some baccala that I brought back from Norway earlier this year and I'd love to know some good recipes for it. Any ideas?
Respond 0 3.Dec 00:21


Anything goes really. I think of it just as a piece of cod, only a lot more flavor and a better texture. I´ve tried them like fish & chips, pan fried, steamed, baked and of course in the traditional baccalao. My favorite baccalao is made using garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, fish, onion and a whole lot of olive oil. I layer 1-2 cm slices of each ingredient and cook until potatoes are just beginning to get tender tender.Add a little drizzle of your favorite honey and some fresh herbs at the end.
2 3.Dec 10:03

Liz Smith

Nice ideas there. I'll try some and post on here how the klippfisk turns out! I had something similar to your tomato based recipe in the Basque country I think, they also use it a lot there. Washed down of course with plenty of red wine!
Respond 0 3.Dec 10:14

Liz Smith

I do absolutely love the photo here too, definitely looking forward to coming to Norway and seeing some of this beautiful coastal scenery!
Respond 0 3.Dec 10:15


Think it was skrei I tried when I was in Iceland, it was tasty whatever it was!
Respond 0 3.Dec 11:23


Beautiful film from Henningsvær. Skrei is a fabolous fish we are wating for every year , served with good potatoes, green onions, carrots And lots of butter. Hmmm. But skrei can also be turned into klippfisk And we can have baccalao,
which we prefer the old Fashion way with (again) good potatoes And a rich White saus. Add veggies AS you like. Just go to Neeach marketplace to get your klippfisk. The best There is. Just remember to water the fish well. You END up with a Beautiful And firm tasteful White fish And there are many recipes. Enjoy!!
Respond 1 3.Dec 11:27
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