7 Things You Must Know Before You Visit Vietnam

7 Things You Must Know Before You Visit Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country, yeah we know that. But before you meet your excitement and you eventually go for Vietnam Honeymoon Packages, make sure that you know the place better in advance. Because going to a new city can sometimes be a scary experience, especially when you are not aware of its ins-outs. Every city is unique it's own so as the Vietnam, so we are going to inform you about some important tips you must be aware of before visiting Vietnam.

Beware of fraudulent tour agencies

There are thousands or even more travel agencies claiming to provide you best Vietnam tour packages from Delhi, India but finding the right one is very important. Even in Vietnam itself, theft and counterfeit agencies are a spun out problem. There are countless issues ranging from fake airlines shops to tourist agencies which claim themselves to be so called reputable companies. So make sure that before you plan out anything, do a throughout research or consider Oktoboard.com to find best Vietnam tour packages.

Take care of your belongings

In order to escape the issues like paltry theft and purse snatching, you have to be very careful. As every country as bit or sometimes more greasy fingers, make sure that you are not distracted and keep a full watch of your belongings. Don’t leave you belongings left anywhere as you are not sure which place has disbelieving human beings. Wherever you go to eat out, travel, or having fun, be sure to keep an eye on your bags and other stuff.

Vietnamese are not good at bargain

Bargaining is quite a friendly courting ritual to the locals. But the Vietnamese are not good at it. You just need to ask the price and you will see a size going up and down as their brain jostles to calculate a markup. If you are a timid beginner to the system, some slick sellers might give you a good fight in terms of price. You are all free to go up and down.

Be ready for curfews

Even some bigger cities like Saigon and Hanoi seem to sleep around 11:00 which is quite earlier as compared to many metro cities even in India itself. Though bars and clubs still remain open businesses and restaurants are definitely closed which means that guest houses and hostels close relatively early as well. For the guests, some have a night guards to let the guests in where others have the doorbell fixed outside the door. Lobbies lights are off, front desk is shut, and internet is off.

Houses of Vietnamese are seen carried on motorbikes

Though they don’t carry their entire houses on motorbikes, but if there is any country that could do this practically is definitely Vietnam. They are just crazy about their motorcycles. Motorbikes are what make them unique in their own due to the heavy and frequent use of motorcycles from carrying a heap of caged chickens to furniture and dresser bureaus and a heavier gamut of miscellaneous things that can make you mad. 

Honking is common

Unlike other places like U.S or UK, Vietnam's roads are quite noisy. While driving or passing through roads, you will hear a lot of car, truck and bike noise. Vehicles seem honking every 45 seconds here. As it’s considered t be clear heads up to the motorists that you are passing them on the side. Before you book a sleeper or hotel room on the roadside, think twice.

You might be asked to hold your passport

Most hotels don’t do it but some hotels (or many) in Vietnam might ask you to hold your passport till you stay there. It’s a pretty common practice there.

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