My name is Clare, I am a violinist and i work on cruise ships. I love travel, movies, music, nutrition, fitness and I'm a foodie, but a healthylicious one ;) I am a self taught cook and I am constantly trying to find healthier ways to prepare and make food, without losing the yum factor. is where you will find my creations ♡


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Wow, that was a long trip! Chickpeas are so good. Nice way to pass the time with jetlag.
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It sure was a long trip :( 4 flights, no inflight entertainment. ..plenty of time to think about new recipes ;) thanks love xx
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Simon Carter

It's great here isn't it!
Not only is it challenging my cooking skills but it's also giving me more incentive to get the camera out - and as an added bonus you get to post your dinner online without having anyone moan at you for it :-)
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I just love to read the different articles And posts from around the world. It inspireres me even through I am not a good cook.
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Hungry Traveler

What a great idea! I like both ratatouille and chickpeas, drizzled with alot of olive oil!
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Thank you Hungry Traveler :) it's really tasty xx
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Thank you msdisa7 :) Thats definitely something I should do xx
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They look really yummy but Im on a slow internet crashed before i found them :) I should lik e to try an Asian version ( costwise ) but I've given up baking until I've resumed my fitness regimen. Got a wee bit lazy over the Xmas break.
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Liz Smith

Nice to see you back Clare! Good trip?
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Hello :) awww thank you, yes it was great. And been lovely to be back home for a bit before we fly off again on Saturday.... if only I could take my kitchen with me ;) How are you lovely? X
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