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Etna caput munTi
Riviera dei Ciclopi~Etna

Etna caput munTi

i_Sole di Sicilia
≈ producer:
Etna caput munTi ~ consorzio turistico
≈ therapeutic information:
§ from capo Passero to capo Lilibeo, from Val di Noto to Val di Mazara, going ahead to ValDemone and capo Peloro, to finally reach your destination, mount Etna, and thereafter landing to the other charming i_Sole (islands): Pelagie, Pantelleria, Egadi, Ustica, Eolie
§ you will be accompanied in ‹‹a seductive sensorial travel in Sicily genius loci›› to discover its amazing treasures
§ on your way (v., you will stop in beautiful olive groves and vineyards, you will visit wineries and old palmentos (wine presses), evoo-olive farms and old oil mills, educational farms, and also parks and protected nature reserves, mythological places, archaeological and architectural sites dating back to the influential civilizations that cohabited with the peoples of Sicily, "Baroque" and "Liberty" monuments, art, thematic and folk museums ("Lava museum", "Opera dei Pupi siciliani", etc.)
≈ adverse reaction:
mal di Sicilia (longing for Sicily)
≈ subjects at risk:
they appreciate beauty, culture, nature, landscapes, typical elaio-oenogastronomy, local customs and traditions, the careful observation of daily life
≈ precautions for use:
if you self-identified with one of the "subjects at risk”, and you are therefore dangerously sensitive to what has been recommended as therapy, please abstain from taking the medicine {i_Sole di Sicilia} because can seriously endanger... Happiness
≈ more informations, ~, attn.: maurizio buscema sciarrone { }

Etna caput munTi

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Bravo! Sono bellissime.
Respond 1 17.Feb 18:55

Etna caput munTi

grazie, david! le faceva la mia adorata nonna materna, Sara... io e il mio amato nonno materno che era nato a Monterosso Almo, paese montano dei monti Iblei, ne andavamo matti delle sue cassatelle... il ricordo del profumo, del gusto inconfondibile e dei magici momenti in cui le preparava è rimasto impresso nella mia mente... (m)
1 17.Feb 19:55