Status: Only extra virgin olive oil I BIO Zimarino oils are nutraceuticals, genuine / natural, biodynamic Demeter, and are really edible and, absolutely, without trace, and cocktails of insecticides and fungicides!

I BIO Zimarino

Tenuta Zimarino is organic farm with biodynamic method, situated in Vasto, in the Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci.
"I BIO Zimarino" extra virgin olive oil Organic and, better yet, Biodynamic Demeter, Grand Cru and ultra - premium Colline Teatine D.O.P., are oils nutraceuticals of High Quality, that is a nutritious food with pharmacological action.
Only an extra virgin olive oil organic and biodynamic Demeter can be considered edible and absolutely free of traces of pesticides and other poisons.
Produce high quality extra virgin olive oils (nutraceutical, genuine / natural, biodynamic Demeter) from olives only by its own olive groves, in Italy it costs a lot. Our extra virgin olive oils, inevitably, come out on the market with high-end prices and are not available at large retailers. The higher production costs mean respect for the environment, respect for employees, respect for the health of us farmers and consumers.
Traceability, recognisability, tradition and innovation capabilities lead, inevitably, higher costs of quality Italian products.
Consuming a high-quality oil is also crucial, and especially for our health and that of our children.
A scented oil, bitter and spicy is richer in polyphenols antioxidants and therefore always preferable to inexpressive or even defective oils.

I BIO Zimarino
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