Hi - I'm Jay,
I sell both our family honey and specialty honey from around the world. I am always on the lookout for new and inventive uses/recipies with honey. Love to make suggestions too! Feel free to talk honey - I can go all day! Bee cool (that's a bee joke).


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Wow, this looks so good!
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My friends and I are making these bananas this afternoon. It's gonna be crazy!
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Eat well and enjoy, my fellow foodies!
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Liz Smith

I cooked goose this year, but I gave my nan the tip for her turkey. I'll see her next week and ask her how it went!
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Abda Khan

I absolutely love honey! WIll definitely check out your website. Where are you based? I find raw honey particulary good for all sorts of common ailments.
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I am in Southeastern Michigan but I sell monofloral specialty (and only unpastuerized/raw) honeys from around the world - Italy, Norway, Hawaii, and Bulgaria as well as our family farm in Mid Michigan. If you mix raw honey with Bragg's apple cider vinegar lemon and cinnamon, it is particularly helpful with inflamation especially due to arthitis :)
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