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Liz Smith

I'm Neeach's Digital Content Manager and a UK-based freelance writer and editor. I'm also a keen foodie and rarely out of the kitchen - I have coeliac disease, which means I'm always on the hunt for good recipes that I can try or adapt for a gluten free diet. When I'm not writing about or cooking food, I can be found on the climbing walls around Leeds and Sheffield or out on my bike in the Yorkshire Dales.

Liz Smith

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BarrieBeau Herb Farm

Interesting indeed. I suggest everyone learns to grow their own food, then you really appreciate it.
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Liz Smith

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This is pretty funny...


Sexy posh girls unveil bullshit fad diet

TWO hot, incredibly annoying posh girls ...
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The Last Food Blog

Love it :-)
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HA! I wonder who this could be referring to!
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Liz Smith

Teriyaki tofu Buddha bowl with brown rice and stir fried Vietnamese water spinach and broccoli with chili, garlic and miso. Healthy and delicious!
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