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The Ancient Oil Mill Sommariva, founded 100 years ago (1915), is our family run company, located on the Ligurian Coast that has been producing organic specialty food for 40 years.

We’ve been one of the first Italian companies to obtain the organic certification (in 1972), and all the ingredients of our products are grown in our organic farm, where we transform our Basil Genovese D.O.P., Rucola, Dill, Olives, Artichokes and Grapes in Pesto Genovese, Cream of Rucola, Dill Pesto, Organic Extra Virgin olive oil, Cream of artichokes, Artichokes in extra virgin olive oil and organic DOC Wines from Liguria (Pigato, Vermentino, Rossese).

Having complete control on the whole production line, ruled by the strict regulations of organic farming, helped us to create high quality organic products that are REALLY genuine and healthy.
Nowadays Sommariva is also one of the first Italian companies to obtain the “Carbon Trust Standard” certification, proving their commitment in reducing the emissions of carbon and greenhouse effect gasses in the atmosphere.

Sommariva produces healthy and genuine products, but also GLUTEN FREE products, to meet all our customers’ demands.
Top Products:
ORGANIC PESTOS: (Pesto Genovese, Pesto without garlic, Vegan Pesto, Pesto Rosso, Pesto Rucola, Dill Pesto)
CREAMS AND SAUCES (Cream of anchovies, Nut Sauce, Cream of Tomatoes, Cream of Artichockes, Cream of olives).

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