Baccalà feast

Baccalà feast

We can in many ways give thanks to the Pope for baccalà being popular in countries like Italy, Portugal and Brazil.

It's Easter feast and Easter Eve marks the last day of the Christian Lent. In these times, it is also important “feast” for the baccalà (dried and salted codfish). Why, do you ask? Here is the simple explanation: After the Catholic manner, you eat less meat than usual in the Lent. In the Middle Ages it was introduced new strict lent rules from the highest level (the Pope) but baccalà went clear these rules. The fine and good fish meat then became a popular substitute for usual meat.   

We at Precidium Baccala from More og Romsdal wish everyone a blessed Easter feast, and perhaps a good meal with the dried and salted cod fish..

Precidium = protection

We are Precidium Baccalà from More og Romsdal: 
Four Norwegian baccalà producers from More og Romsdal that try to take care of culture and tradition in the baccalà production. Norwegian fish is quality, and Norwegian baccalà is a specifically popular product worldwide.

Read more about us here.


Another great article!
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Thanks! We are delighted to be a part of the Neeach community.
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Liz Smith

Interesting! I didn't know that. Great article with Easter just around the corner.
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Very Interesting. Have a great Easter in Møre And Romsdal!
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