Five great reasons to get posting today!

Five great reasons to get posting today!

You've heard Neeach is the new social network for food lovers. But what does that mean and why should you be posting here? Here's five reasons why posting on Neeach could help you reach a wider audience

If you're a small food business or aspiring food blogger/writer, you'll no doubt be thinking (and investing) carefully around your marketing, publicity and communications. Here's why using Neeach's open platform makes sense for a wide variety of small businesses and individuals in the food and drinks industry.

1) Speciality and niche social networks are a rising trend that's set to continue
The way we use social media is changing. We're not suggesting the Facebooks and the Twitters are going to die out; far from it, but people are turning to special interest social networks more and more as the general social networks grow in size and scope and people find it increasingly difficult to target what they want and filter out what they don't. Neeach is the first social network of its kind for food lovers and the key is in the word "food" - that's what unites the Neeach members' community. The audience here is interested in food and drink, so if that's what you're growing, making, selling or writing about, we want to hear it. Nobody here is going to block your feed for posting too many awesome photos of food you've made or eaten.

2) Neeach isn't just about advertising - it's about telling a good story
Here, you have the option of posting something short, Facebook/Twitter style, but you can also blog here about what you're doing, what you're eating (or not eating, as the case may be) or where you're going. Small producers and businesses often have unique and interesting stories around their products and the people involved. Food bloggers and writers bring different perspectives and experiences to the table too. So why not start telling your story? We don't care what anyone says, you can't tell a good story in 140 characters and a hashtag. So just write - write from the heart, write with passion for what you do and people will want to read it.

3) We're a social network linked to more social networks
Most bloggers, writers and small business owners work hard at their social media marketing, with good reason. So why not leverage Neeach's networks to your advantage? Articles posted on Neeach are shared via our social media networks - we're on Facebook and Twitter and we also regularly choose great food photos to share via Pinterest and Instagram. So it's the old saying really, two heads (or networks) are better than one.

4) We could write about you, too
Maybe you've got the idea, the passion or the experience, but you're not sure how to get started with writing about it. There are also options for you or your product/business to feature on Neeach as an article, product review or interview. To enquire about any of these options, send an email to to discuss your requirements.

5) It's free
Did we mention it's free? Well, just to be sure, we better say it's free. Neeach is totally free to join, post and share content - no membership fees or one-off payments, no "premium membership" structure (that you only find out about after you've signed up and spent a ton of time creating your content only to find that to actually get anyone to see it you have to pay). Neeach is free and open - everyone has an equal opportunity to use our platform to talk about whatever foodie topics please them most.

Need more information? Visit our How to Get Started guide, our FAQs or if those don't answer your questions, contact us.

We hope to see you soon!

The Neeach team

Image Attribution: 'Coffeewriter' by Martine Page, used under Creative Commons license.

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