Food-Inspired Wedding Themes

Food-Inspired Wedding Themes

The wedding menu is one of the biggest decisions a happy couple needs to make for their big day, but if you’re a real foodie, why not make the entire wedding about food? From food-inspired stationary, through edible favours and all the way to decorating your flower arrangements with fruits and spices, you can have a unique food-themed wedding that will be a real treat for everyone.

Fresh only

All we hear about lately is how organic food is the best for us, and knowing there’s plenty of fresh food lovers out there, focusing your wedding theme around fruits, vegetables and healthy eating is quite a unique idea. Think about having raw food filled with all-natural ingredients for the reception. A fruits and veggies buffet before the farm-fresh local meals sounds like a perfect prelude to the main course. Consider adding fresh fruits to your bridal bouquet for the ultimate colourful arrangement. Centrepieces made with artichokes, sage, white roses as well as plenty of greenery that screams farmer’s market will be the perfect addition to an all-fresh wedding. Incorporate a wagon display into your decor and fill it up with carrots, tomatoes, radishes and various other veggies for the best fresh-only wedding decoration.

Dessert lovers

Do you and your future spouse have a sweet tooth for muffins, candyfloss, macaroons and other sweet treats? If so, think about having a dessert-themed wedding. Take all your most delectable treats and serve it to your guests for the sweetest wedding in history. The perfect way to introduce the wedding party into the whole theme is by ordering custom food-inspired wedding invitations online with muffin, cupcake or macaroon sketches, and sending them out with a mini package of sweets. Furthermore, you can serve customizable ice cream sandwiches or tiramisu-filled mason jars as a dessert. A waffle bar will make quite an impression on the children, but I’m sure the adults won’t mind having a bite before the main course either. A sweet party favour sounds delicious, so think about treating the guests with macaroons or biscuits. Give the traditional wedding cake an unexpected twist, and serve tiers filled with cupcakes or cannoli.

Fast food

No matter how healthy we try to eat, fast food is always the first thing we reach for when we’re in a hurry. Therefore, making a less traditional, fast food-inspired wedding can be a lot of fun. Think about decorating the venue with bold colours like red and yellow, making it look like many of the best-known fast food restaurants. Design and print out a menu, similar to the one you’d get at any restaurant. With small pictures of pizza slices, burgers and hot dogs on it, you’ll create a cute introduction to what your wedding party will be offered at your fast food-themed wedding. Serving pigs in a blanket with mustard on the side makes for the perfect, cute hors d’oeuvres. A platter of fried chicken with French fries in the mix isn’t something you’d usually have at a wedding, but everybody will definitely enjoy it. Food and drink pairings instead of standard cocktail hours are becoming a new thing at weddings. Think about oysters and sparkling wine tastings, or small hamburgers with shots of beer, delicious isn’t it? If you opt for a DIY drink station, you’ll offer your guests a chance to mix their own drinks, and you’ll save money on hiring a bartender too.

Final thoughts

Planning a wedding can be challenging, but once you’ve picked out a theme everything will run smoothly. If you’re a foodie, having a dessert-themed wedding, or one inspired by fresh or even fast food can be fun, exciting and, above all, a delicious experience. Food is one of the main parts of a wedding, so you might as well incorporate it into the entire event.

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