Get Sauced ! ! - :) :)

Get Sauced ! ! - :) :)

Top Shelf Booze + Supermarket Spreads = Sensational Steak Sauce

Phoenix, Arizona USA - June 11, 2017 - Last Sunday I indicated I was going to do an article on Caribbean Street Food.  With your permission; I will do that next week.  Before I get into this week's article; I would like to share a bit of news with you.  My Gourmet Food Gift Subscription Box Membership Plans will not have their Official Public Launch until Early Fall.  However; I will make viewing not purchasing available in the next few weeks for Review & Critique/Feedback by a Select Group  of "Foodies".   I hope you will help me improve The Website before The Official Public Launch.   I will offer you a Special Perk/Incentive for you to participate in providing Feedback.  My plan is to offer a $20.00 US Credit toward The Purchase of A Subscription Box Plan.  WATCH NEAR FUTURE POSTS FOR DETAILS ! 

Among the Caribbean Condiments I have created and sold is a Tomato Jam/Spread.  I subscribe to the idea that typical spreads such as jam are not just for Breakfast Toast.  I have suggested to my customers a variety of innovative ways to use them.  We can cover them in a future article. My intent in this article is to share an idea I gave to a customer in St. Louis.  While I had never created Tomato Jam & Spiced Rum Steak Sauce I suggested my customer make it.  I was confident the Flavor Profile would be Outstanding.  The Feedback from the customer exceeded my and my customer's expectations .  It goes to prove; trust your culinary instincts and create something no one has created before.  That being said;  I challenge you to create a NEW & YOUR VERY OWN ORIGINAL STEAK SAUCE by mixing and matching the suggested ingredients below.  Simply add the spread and liquor to a stock pot over a medium flame and stir breaking down the spread into the liquor until it becomes a smooth sauce.

Orange Marmalade & Grand Marnier ; Apple Butter & Bourbon; Grape Jelly & Pinot Noir Wine; Strawberry Jam & Pink Zinfandel Wine; Tomato Jam/Jelly & Non Flavored Vodka + Minced Celery Stalk & Leaves; Apricot Jelly & Spiced Rum; Peach Jelly & Dark Ale/Bock Beer/Stout; Lime Jelly/Marmalade & Silver Tequila; Cherry Jelly & White Rum; Apple Jelly & Hard Cider

Have Fun ! - Try One Or More - E-mail me what you tried -h ow it worked out - even a plate presentation photo - I will work your accomplishments and reviews into a future story - A Special Guest Co-blogger : :) - Have a great week - Until next Sunday June 18th,  - Chef Rod -  


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