Pan fried codfish tongues

Pan fried codfish tongues

Slowfish present you pan fried cod tongues.

The skrei (codfish) has made his way into the Norwegian coastline. Especially in Troms and Finnmark it`s big catches of the delicate cod.

The activity is high on the fish factories, and also children and the youngsters takes part in the work. Their main task is to cut cod tongues, which is seen as a food delicacy. Here you will be presented a simple method of how to make you a crazy good meal of cod tongues

Pan fried codfish tongues (serves two persons):

12-14 cod tongues (two persons)

Prepare a mixture of flour, salt and pepper. Use generously with salt and add pepper as you like. Rinse the tongue in water and dry them on paper. Dip them in flour mixture and cook them on high heat a few minutes on each side. Use much butter in the frying pan. Let them fry on low heat for about six minutes.

Can be served with boiled potatoes, carrots and possibly a little sour cream and melted butter.

Slow Fish is also this year in place in Henningsvær working on a gutting line, which welcomes the cod from the fishing boat fleet.

Much of this fish are getting sent fresh and further filleted and packed in consume packages for sale in food stores. The rest of the fish is either hunged on gills to become stockfish, or salted and further dried to become klipfish.

Precidium Baccala from Møre og Romsdal find themselves in the last category, making klipfish of this great commodity. The presidium was established to protect craftsmen that produces quality klipfish only by skrei / cod. 

In some weeks we have our Precidium baccalà in store again.


I love fried cod tongues. Crispy on the outside and perfect tender on the inside! Perfect!
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Jepp, a perfect description of the dish!
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