Pane al Pesto (Pesto Bread)

Pane al Pesto (Pesto Bread)

POV Italian Cooking Episode 72

The inviting and intricate fragrances of baking bread and basil pesto combine to set an expectation that can only be met by a slice of Pesto Bread. This bread, with a brilliant green tint from the pesto, will impress your friends with the powerful burst of flavor and wonderful crust.

This modern bread was developed in Italy.  The individual who first thought to combine a wonderful tasting dough with the outstanding flavor of basil pesto should go down in history as a genius.  

This bread is extremely simple to make, especially for the season bread bakers.  The most difficult part of making this bread is waiting for it to cool properly before letting your bread knife slide through this green aromatic deliciousness.

Watch episode 72 of POV Italian Cooking just to see how simple it is to make this wonderful bread.

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