Premium food commodity

Premium food commodity

The skrei (cod fish) is so much more than just the white fish meat.

Byproducts such as liver, roe, jaw and tongue are prime delicacies that must be exploited. Just as Skrei (a special type of cod fish) is only available from January to April, it is the same also for the liver and roe.

Therefore it is important to avail the chance when you have the products in hand. Liver can be made into liver oil, and the cod roe can be produced to make caviar. It's also other ways to prepare these seasonal food products. 

One way to prepare the roe: First you salt it and pepper it well. Then you simmer the roe for about 20-30 minutes. A traditional dish called “mølje” consisting of cod with livers, roe and possibly other accessories like potatoes and vegetables is also to recommend. You can also make slices of the roe, and put it on a piece of bread with mayonnaise.

Raw roe, before its simmered in 20-30 minutes.

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How to prepare regular skrei (cod) (source:

The traditional Norwegian preparation called “mølje” and are easy to make; fish, liver and roe (each pot) are tender in lightly salted water and served with boiled potatoes. Skrei is also source of several products, such as tongue, and jaw. These termed by many as a prized delicacy. With the skrei increased propagation, there are also several international specialties based on this exceptionally firm, and white fish meat. See for recipe tips.

Of the skrei we can also make the first class klipfish, which Presidium Baccala from Møre og Romsdal is so fond of.

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Omg, the roe and the liver of the cod are my absolute favorite. I know that it can be a bit too much for some people, but for me it's the essence of the the sea. It's fantastic!!!
Respond 1 9.Mar 22:14


Btw, have you ever tried it in pasta. Just stir in the individual raw roe and cooked liver in to hot pasta with a little olive oil and your favorite herb, absolutely amazing!
Respond 0 9.Mar 22:18


Traditional " mølje" is an Absolutely favorite. Whenever we can get it we will have it. Actually I will choose fresh codfish over salmon any day.
Respond 0 10.Mar 03:05
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