The title says, 'Enjoy!' so I did.

The title says, 'Enjoy!' so I did.

A brief review from an enthusiastic cook...

Sheila Kiely is an incredibly busy lady working from home and riding herd on 6 teenage children and one husband in Ballincollig, Co. Cork. She writes the Gimme The Recipe blog; is very active on social media, especially Twitter, and manages to find time to go for a run a few times every week. 

A few years ago, Sheila published the Gimme the Recipe cookbook, which I have, and have used, but the latest book, Enjoy!, takes healthy food to another level. No fancy ingredients, just honest good raw foods with very straightforward instructions. So far, I've made just two recipes, the  Lettuce Pesto and the Tortillas. I couldn't resist playing with the Tortilla - the current favourite recipe in our house with one of my lads is the Tortilla (wrap) spread with the Lettuce Pesto and topped with grilled and chopped Rosscarbery Dry Cure Loin Rasher and Dubliner Cheese. Cover with a second tortilla. Place on a hot, dry pan, cheese side down. Flip when the base is lightly browned and do the second side. Cut into wedges and enjoy. 

The next sweet recipe I want to try is the Rhubarb and Custard Cheesecake, but on the savoury side, the Harissa Pork Chops are intriguing me. One thing is for sure, this cookbook won't be straying far from my kitchen for the foreseeable future. The simple ingredients are mixed with a sense of adventure to keep all the family guessing and, more importantly, tasting and eating. 


Looks like a cool cookbook! Thanks for the tip.
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Thanks for sharing!
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