Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

It's the last weekly roundup of February. Looks like the year is going quickly already...

Choosing the best posts for the weekly roundup has been especially tough this week. We also welcome a couple of new members on board this week too - food blogger Nottsfoodie gave us a taste of one of the city of Nottingham's favourite bars, Copper City, as well as some musings on yeast allergies/intolerance. We also welcome Dee's in the Kitchen to the Neeach community, who has been sharing recipes with us from her food blog. 

This week's top articles

What are you doing to us with those grilled cheese sandwiches, Gourmet Everyday? Chocolate? Raspberries? Apple pie? Good job none of us have given anything up for Lent, otherwise our 40 days of denial would have been seriously screwed. We were in full agreement that making an oozy toasted cheese sandwich with cake, chocolate and raspberry is just awesome - but then came the apple pie version and now we don't know which one to make first. The foodie dilemmas this has caused us. 

"Could Iceland be the healthiest place on earth?" asked Simon Carter last weekend after returning from his trip there. Quite possibly, it seems. Iceland seems to be way ahead of the game over the UK and other European countries when it comes to catering for veggies, vegans and other special diets, according to Simon. This hasn't come at the expense of other choices, however - it's simply that Icelanders have made these a mainstream option rather than a fringe one. Hopefully this will be the norm in other countries one of these days. 

Tabare educated us about some of the health benefits of blood oranges and why the vitamins contained in them are beneficial for our bodies. Cutting into a blood orange is always a lovely surprise, because the colours are so beautiful and varied and reminiscent of summer sunsets. We definitely need to get plenty of these down us during the winter months to keep up our vitamin intake. 

Rosscarbery Recipes talked about their experiences of making the decision as small producers to supply a supermarket chain and what that's involved for them and their business. Every small food business that begins to achieve success with its products has to face this decision at some point, so it was great to hear their point of view and how it's worked for them, given that we are keen here at Neeach to support as many small producers as possible. 

Quick posts that made us happy

New member Dee's in the Kitchen has given us a few to choose from, but since it's #foodiefriday and we're feeling indulgent, we had to pick this rib-eye burger. This prime beef burger with cheese and a stack of crispy fried onions is fit for a king!

Rod Bilz has been combining winter sports with foodie pleasures with his annual curling Bonspiel - we'd do the curling simply to get one of those pulled pork sandwiches, cooked low and slow with plenty of herbs and spices and smoked with grape vines, which is unusual but something we definitely want to try. 

Emergency cake? Try this quick and satisfying classic Victoria sponge by spoonorfork, if you really just need some cake but you don't have a lot of time to make it. The Victoria sponge is quintessentially British, the first cake that many of us learn to make even, but there's a reason we keep going back to it - because it's basically a cuddle in cake form. 

Rookie Cook gave us a slightly different version of a classic rogan josh this week, using beef instead of the usual lamb, goat or mutton that you would usually get in an Indian recipe. Not sure what the sacred cows would make of it, but we rather liked it. You can't beat a curry made from scratch. 

Photo of the Week

Terri's Easter bread picture is this week's Photo of the Week - those dough doves are just so cute we couldn't resist! 

Our Monthly Competition roundup will be out on Tuesday next week so keep an eye out to see who's made the shortlist. You can also catch Liz's monthly recipe test on Neeach over the weekend, when she'll be choosing a recipe to recreate in her own kitchen, wearing one of our Neeach-branded aprons of course so you can see what our monthly prizewinners will be receiving. 

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